Hi Bro How to Instal Captcha breaker

Hi Bro How to Instal Captcha breaker , for get link do follow. its co confused. anyone send video how to instal captcha breake ?


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    It's easy. just download the program from

    and run the .exe file.

    This is for the demo. If you like it (you will) you have to register it after purchase, once the trial period expires.


    Next, you need to set up GSA SER so that it works with the Captcha breaker.

    Just having CB installed on your hard drive is not enough.

    You have to let SER know it's there!!


    Go to GSASER. Open and click on the Options button, top-right.

    Click on Capcha tab at left.

    Add GSA Captcha Breaker using button at right on Captcha Tab screen in pop-up window.

    Set parameters as desired.

    If you want SER to open GSA-CB, open it in with Admin priviledges.  Else you need to open GSA-CB yourself!!

    That  should work to start... :)

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