links slowing down in building

Does anyone know about the way the links stop building once they reach around 200. I put together my campaign and it starting working fine. But then over the hour the campaign started slowing down. I have received a page for a number of tutorials which I'm using now to try and find out what this problem is.

Would like some more answers

Thanks Again,

Michael V


  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
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    It's most likely because of your settings. You have a long way to go but you can start it here:

  • Hey mate, thanks, I feel you. I have just been sitting here because my campaign says "cannot post" 

    What can I do to get a campaign moving forward again?
  • Disable search engines then buy a linklist from Loopline
    Make sure you have enough space on your HDD. SER requires at least 80GB hdd on a VPS.
    Have you got Captcha breaker? It's a must.
    Have you got catchall emails? Catchalls are a must
    You've got only 9 proxies. Are they private? Buy 30 semi-private
  • Unre3alEy3Unre3alEy3 Inside your Brain!
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    Also have to change emails and proxies when they become dead. Good luck with the projects!
  • Hey Gypsy are the search engines the ones in the campaign on the left? And if they are then I don't need to tick any of those boxes if I'm getting links from Scrapebox?
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    Accepted Answer
    The general process is:
    1. You go to a site that collects backlink info like ahref.
    2. Check you competitors backlinks.
    3. Analyze your competitors backlinks and the platforms they use.
    4. Decide which tools you can use to build links on said platforms.

    5. Now you have decided that you will use SER to post.
    You select the platforms (in ser called engines) where you want to build backlinks. The engines are in the left hand side pane in the project window. They are grouped together by some logic but that shouldn't confuse you. Expand them all and select the engines you want to use.

    It's worth mentioning that you shouldn't use all the engines at once as they are designed to aid you during the different stages of link building process. Some are for Tier1 others are T3 some are there just for fun.

    To make matters a bit more confusing in the Project>Options tab there is a little window where you can select what kind of backlinks you really want to create. It's important to select the ones you need as many engines are able to create various type of backlinks which you may not need.

    So this should set you up for the weekend but if you couldn't care less about all that crap what I just said then select all the engines and then right click in the engines window than select "Uncheck engines that use no contextual links", Articles only. Also uncheck videos, web2.0.
    This will build you some links.

    You can find the search engines in the Project options > How to get target URLs.
    If you use lists then none of them should be checked.

  • Thanks Gypsy your information was perfect. Where You mention unchecking all the engines, is it meant to keep "article only" or uncheck that as well?
  • There is an option in the right click menu that says "Uncheck engines that use no contextual links"
    But it all depends what you want to build. I assumed you want to post articles as you have the best spinner. If you want to build different links then of course you need to set it accordingly.
  • Ok thanks, I also have Kontent Machine, with this do what is your recommendation can I tick all the options?
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