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test proxies for google recaptcha

How can I do that within GSA-SER when importing Proxys I can check it for Recpatcha, there is no option, the closest thing is Custom but I don't know how to configure it.

What I do not understand as in GSA proxy if there is an option to search for them, but there is no option to extract them independently. I know that they are anonymous and that they are SSL, but there is no clear option to export only those types of captchas

And that is the big problem I have. With Capmonster that works really well I see when Ip block the proxies that take the captchas. I am not against hiring more proxies but I want to get the most out of GSA Proxy, which does.

I always go through a copy of GSA-SER to check speed and save it. But I don't know how to do in GSA SER to check them only for google recaptcha. IF there is any way to do it please tell me.

The big problem is that the same proxies that are useful for google don't work for google recaptcha, and recaptcha banns my proxies and there is no way to get more records on pages. Almost all pages have Recapcha and when you hit on so many pages, it is easy for them to ban you. When you are creating a T1 with contextual and Articles, they are the captchas that appear the most. I can find the sites, I can do everything but if Recaptcha recognizes my Proxie as banned, it doesn't give me the image, and the service can't recognize it. The truth is that Capmonster gives a lot of information about what is happening, and you can add Proxies through the archive every X seconds, but of course, I have to filter before, that's where my query comes from.


  • I mean for recaptcha2
  • The problem is, that detects that the page uses recaptcha, there are other keys for recaptha 2. But you have to click to know if the image comes out or not. There does not seem to be an easy way to know if a proxy skips the recaptha if the test does not simulate that it fills it.

    In short, that string and others will be on the pages that use Recaptcha, and the test will read it as correct, but that does not mean that that ip is not banned in Recaptha, since we do not execute it.

    I don't know how to overcome this. Neither GSA Proxy scraper does well in this regard, those who say they are valid for recapcha2, do not work with it.

    Right now the only way I see is to spend more money on having rotating proxies. But I would pay for a program that looks for proxies that pass the recap test, or an additional payment for GSA Scraper proxy. I think something could be done, right now it is the biggest plug we have when making link building.
  • SvenSven
    give me a proxy that later renders as blocked and i have a closer look.
  • In the end working with contracted rotating proxies, only 10 and that change every 10 minutes I am working, but I can not put too many threads.

    To have a blocked Proxie, you just have to make multiple calls to a Recapcha2 with the same proxie.

    I can also recommend that you use the 3-day trial version of Capmonster with sitekey activated, which is the REcapcha and recapcha2 module that costs $ 10 per month, but which is included in trial.

    You can add a list of proxies and it tells you which one is blocked or not. When you block them, move them to another list in my case 4 minutes and accept them again, because they are rotating

    That way you can load a few proxies yourself, launch the project and see exactly what proxy is banning you and use it to do the tests to identify what type of error recaptcha shows so you can design a test to check proxies.

    In my case it is $ 21 per month for the press, which makes more than $ 230 a year. Obviously if there was a program to search for those proxies quickly, type GSA Proxy Scraper but for Recapcha, then I would buy it.

    By the way Capmonster works quite well, I have acquired the version of 5 treads, which are € 55 per year and € 10 per month for recapcha. I get 86% of finished REcapcha processes, of which more or less 70% hits. In normal hoods CB is still better but in some types of captchas it stands out. And for those of us who cannot acquire Xevil for not having Xrummer, it is a very valid option. My configuration:

    1.- GSA CB minimum recognition 25%
    2- Capmonster recaptha 1 and 2, and normal
    3 2captcha only for normals escaping from others
    4 2 recap only for questions

    I no longer use 2captcha for recapchas. This is giving me a good result, as good as using 2recaptcha but at a much lower price.
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