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Project blacklist

Hi again,
I just did a little experiment:

I sent a message to a specific url - the message was sent successfully.
After that, I added that specific url to the PROJECT BLACKLIST (and made sure that the ! sign will exist before the domain name that needs to be blacklisted) and then sent the same message again, to the same url. The message was sent successfully again, although it was added to the project blacklist.

So I looked into the "project settings > filter" and saw that the checkbox near the label "domain/path must contain (use !word or *mask* ...)" was checked.
So I unchecked it, then sent the message again (again, to the same url) - and also this time message was sent successfully :(

Btw, I tried all possible variations:
and as i said, all 3 checkboxes are checked (one checkbox above the list of blacklisted urls + 2 checkboxes below the blacklisted urls)

But NOTHING work

The only thing that works is the global blacklist, if I set the domain in the global blacklist and start sending messages - urls that are in the global blacklist get a light blue background immediately

Could you explain how can I be 100% sure that a message that was sent to a specific url, and after that was added to the PROJECT BLACKLIST (not to the global blacklist) will not be sent again to the same url in the same project?


  • SvenSven
    You are right, there was an issue with the URL filter in latest update...Im currently releasing an update that should fix it.
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