How to know when all your links are deleted?

MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
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I'm in the process of deleting the links I have just created in order to rearrange my campaign but it doesn't say where or "When" the deleting has finished?

I pressed start and a few hundred links submitted and now I have had them on "Delete" for the last hour or so with no notifications that they are deleted.

Can anybody help me with this?


  • SvenSven
    How did you try to delete the links?
    Keep in mind that the links I see on the right list are not removed since they are not build with an account previously created. So there would be no way to "login + delete/modify". Though the links I see there are dynamicly created by a URL/domain inside the URL opening right? You can as well ignore them if you haven't linked to them already.
  • MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
    edited February 16
    I right clicked and chose status "active Delete links" then pressed start.

    What do you mean I haven't logged in? I built a campaign for real to test the product. Once the links started building I clicked on both projects and selected campaign status "delete links" Then I hit "start"

    Can you tell me how you can see I haven't logged in anywhere yet?
  • You haven't created links that required creating an account on any given site thus you didn't need to log in to post links. You can't delete those links. You can only delete links that are posted by an account that ser created.
  • MichaelvgMichaelvg Melbourne
    edited February 17
    Do not worry they have been deleted
  • All good they have all been deleted!

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