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inbuilt spinner, which platforms & replacing text

I was looking to buy GSA content generator & just wanted to ask a couple of questions first.

1. is the inbuilt spinner ok ? or would i need to buy another spinner with it.

2. what platforms can i use gsa content generator with, i was looking to use it with this

& any other platforms/engines it can use.

3. can you replace text on gsa content generator on articles & page titles from truck to van,
i.e. if i cant find any content for "van" - scrape for "truck" then replace "truck" with "van" in project.

& replace "red" with "big red" in titles & articles, these are'nt the words i want to replace but it is a small market i was targeting & wanted to scrape content from a bigger market because there's more content.


  • SvenSven
    1. its ok for English language, not so good for others. I can only improve things on user input as the only language I speak is English and German. Though spinning services might get you more readable content.

    2. it creates articles, you can use that everywhere.

    3. yes, use the project filter options to replace certain words.

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