Current best practices/settings?

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The sticky thread looks like its a few years old now?

Just wondering if there is a current thread or post someone can refer me to that'll give me the current 80/20 best practices/settings for gsa.

Is serengines the current best option for more platforms to post to beyond what gsa has internally?

What should I combine with gsa captcha breaker to get the most bang for my buck for solving captchas? Especially for the better contextual platforms.

Any other settings or tips for the current software, and the current seo landscape, would be great.

Thanks Yall


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  • I wouldn't recommend SERE to be honest for anything. Maybe it's just me but the number of platforms where SERE really can post are saddening. Sure enough, it's better than some competitors but there are better ones too.

    Captcha solver programs are Xevil and capmonster but I can't comment on them. Check out the trials if any and make your judgments.

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