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How to move the licences of GSA SW to new PC

majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
Hello GSA,
I have just purchased small mini-PC, that is much more power efficient (65W), than my HTPC with PSU of 550W, that the SW was ran at till today. Can you please guide me, how to move / migrate the licences from my HTPC where the GSA SER, GSA SEO Indexer, GSA MultiRedirect PRO and GSA Captcha Breaker are installed to another computer, I am going to install Windows during today?
Thanks for your answers.



  • SvenSven
    1. install all on the new pc
    2. go to your old pc in folder c:\users\<login>\appdata\roaming\
    3. copy all folder with GSA* to the new PC to the same folder (different login-folder maybe)
    4. Uninstall from old PC
    5. register on new PC
    6. Optional delete all from the old PC in the folder seen in 2.
    7. Maybe edit all config.ini files in the GSA subfolders and search for :\ and change that to a new location if it differs on the new PC.
  • majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
    Sven, OK - thanks for your guide. I will give it a try later on today.
  • Thanks for the guide very useful
    on my pc it was AppData\Roaming 

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