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GSA WC Settings

topsecrettopsecret London
edited February 2020 in GSA Website Contact
VPS: solidseo (background: allows private proxies only - for all tasks?)
Proxies: Storm (background: allows 25% of threads only of the actual package - for scraping)
Related with proxies: Could GSA Proxy Scraper resolve scraping part by feeding my GSA WC with fresh private/elite proxies IF I want to avoid VPS rules (use private proxies only) Does it really leak VPS IP? Could it be resolved by a good (even double secured) VPN? Or with the fastest one? Can I differentiate GSA WC tasks for proxy use? (scraping gets feeded by GSA Proxy Scraper, sending by private proxies) ...IF I want to follow VPS rules also?

- GSA WC process slowed down dramatically
- Can not recognize uploaded live URL's (root domains, not with contact forms yet)

Questions about required GSA WC settings:
Tools/ Scraping
- Use proxies for scraping / sending (types?)
- Configure (proxy type in the list for rotating proxies? Web? Connect?)
- Settings / Scraping / Configure / Options (checkboxes? "keep alive"? threads? timeouts? proxy types?) 
- Where to uncheck to create log files for GSA WC?
- Do rotating proxies speed up the process - comparing to private ones? 
- Do I need private/rotating proxies for all GSA WC tasks, or for scraping can be used others (like GSA Proxy Scraper, related question: does it leak VPS IP even by setting filters for privates but not being paid?) ...and for sending I would really need privates? (to not break VPS rules)  

I am about just before the last steps to really run my campaigns, but there are some many things to learn all time. Big respect for all those people who already know everything about it! :)
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