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SEO: how long does it take to see results?

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First of all, I don't do GSA links for every property I own. It was just an idea to get back in some niches, while waiting for my main sites (two of them) to grow slowly via pure white-hat. Betting is a hard niche, but it slowly grows.

In the meantime, I've tested some other sites with GSA and got mixed results. But I've skipped the T1 properties (except for some PBN domains) and went directly with links to my main site, with articles (90% dofollow).

It worked amazingly for a while (and for some kws it still works), but it slowly died. There may be some reasons for that. I got lazy, stopped writing more articles and used spinning too much. Or maybe I got into a penalty of some sort.

I got hooked on GSA and Scrapebox, while working whitehat on my other sites. In fact, Ahrefs showed me a lot of BIG sites are doing blackhat, even without a buffer of T1 links - they just link directly to their moneysite. Maybe they get away with it, since the valuable, authority links are already helping their site, and probably GSA links don't matter.

I am looking at one site now and see it began growing two months after it started to post links "GSA style". I've been able to do this only once :) However, the big boost in traffic occurred after 10 months.

Now, long story short, I have a question: how long does it take you to rank in top 10 or top 5 for at least some of the kws you target, on a niche that's "hot", meaning PPC is higher than $1.

In fact, I have one more question: do you use a lot of web2.0 properties (blogspot, wordpress etc)?

Edit - A third question: since some of the GSA links are perfectly valuable links that can't be associated with seo spam, maybe the key lies in the speed of submitting? How many links per day/per domain is too much?


  • As a former owner of a large authority site that I sold two years ago, I can tell you that old sites with great authority can launch a large number of direct links without buffers that nothing will happen to them. They already have authority, anyone could make them negative Seo, in addition to having tens of thousands of good links.

    You cannot compare a site of little authority with a site of great authority with a lot of antiquity, and I say it from my own experience.

    You should keep in mind that everything you do with GSA or other engines, they die over time and cease to exist, or else those contents do not continue to provide new links for them to continue passing juice ..

    Seo with links is increasingly difficult and requires more discipline. It is not necessary to become lazy, getting content is relatively easy using the correct program and carefully spinning for Tier 1 or direct.

    With so many millions of websites and trillions of links on the Internet, Google is unable to read everything and give it juice. That is why what works best directly or at tier 1 are links of great authority. Google has not been able to read all the internet for a long time.

    And finally do not forget the SEO on the page, and do not forget WPO (speed and connectivity of your money website)

    a hot niche as you say, it is very difficult to position yourself on the first page, since there are several thousand SEOS as you competing for the same site. Solution, look for less used alternative words and work long tail in articles and links.
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    I've investigated a new site today, it took one year to rank in top 20 and another 6 months to break into top 10 for some additional keywords. It is using 100% blackhat techniques.

    The breakthrough was somehow associated with a lot of Web 2.0 properties and other link types.
  • I have made it with in 6 months. It's a clothing store and was able to gain more traffic through social media. It was not only through backlinks.
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