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Proxy provider for GSA website contact?


which proxies can u suggest for GSA website contact please?
Did you were successful with it?

Thanks in advance :)!


  • Hi Sven, can you recommend me a provider please? 
  • topsecrettopsecret London
    edited February 2020
    As far as I know, on some VPS, you can use private proxies only, and - for some tasks - rotating is better. GSA Proxy Scraper would be brilliant, (I am also thinking to buy it, adding to my several, existing GSA licenses) but I do not know if I can filter for privates only and if it leaks my IP (by being not paid) or not. (What if I hide my VPS IP by a good VPN and its not a question anymore, so I could even use GSA Proxy Scraper on VPS with private proxies filtering?...) Also its important that with some proxies and for some tasks, (harvesting, captchas, posting) you can use a limited number of threads/connections, sometimes its given in % by the proxy provider. It would be good to know, if - in GSA WC - searching for contact form means "harvesting"? Because - by following proxy provider's rules - I have to set different number of threads/connections for this and also for captchas. (there is a % of use for scraping but nothing for captcha resolving) And the same time, I am now just looking at GSA WC settings / scraping / proxies / configure/ options checkboxes, what to check/uncheck?... I guess, I do not need to check for new proxies (as I have private/rotatings) but - for example - "keep alive" or not? (rotating proxies) And the added private/rotating proxies go through on Bing test, but not on Google. Will that be good like this?... Default threads in GSA WC was 20. But because of VPS (must be private at Solidseo) and proxy (use max 25% of allowed threads for scraping at Storm) limitations, I had to decrease it, so it slowed down the whole process dramatically. Use main gateways for scraping, keeping the 25% rule of threads at Stormproxies, but keep the threads in GSA WC on 20, because its about the posting feature and its unlimited at the proxy provider anyway? And the others. So, as soon as your project really goes live, you realize that you can still learn a lot. Its OK, just takes time.
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