xevil and GSASER

Is it really necessary to have Xrummer mandatory to use Xevil with recapcha 2 in GSASER?


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    Accepted Answer
    Yes you can only use Xevil with an active Xrumer license. 

    You need to start Xrumer program and then start Xevil
  • I'm pondering to get some of these recaptcha solvers. I'm leaning towards capmonster as it first sight doesn't seem like something in beta testing. Curious about your results.
  • the newest version of xevil (beta 4) works 100% for me. The pricetag is of course hefty, due to the additional xrumer requirements
  • Yeah, the pricetag is why I'm hesitating. But hearing about such success rate is tempting...
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    Hey all... :)

    Interesting conversation.

    I know I need additional captcha solving capacity, and I'm thinking of trying CapMonster.

    I know Xrumer/Xevil is supposed to work at this point. But I've read, both here and on their site, it's processor and memory intensive.

    CapMonster, on the other hand, is not.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll subscribe toCapMonster and check it out? I remember it being a program that runs on Windows. Not sure but I think it's API-based and runs on THEIR system now. Anyone have better facts?

    Anyone have any specific anecdotal experiences they might share to help those like me who have no first-hand experience with Xevil/Xrumer?

    Thanks for any help, ahead of time. :)
  • Any app that solves recaptcha has to be processor intensive. Just think about your own brain, what it goes through when you're confronted with a recaptcha. "Keep selecting squares until there are no more bycicles"...
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    I recommend staying with Xevil, because great things are coming in version 5

    Since the beginning of this year, Xrumer specialists have been actively working on XEvil 5.0,which will radically improve many indicators - the load on the CPU, the ceiling of flows, resource consumption, and retrained neural networks. Similar to version 4.0, they will start with a closed beta test: you won't need to buy anything separately,you can access early access similarly to the 4th version.
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