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How to create profiles and not create articles.

In some contextual engines, they have to create Articles and profiles. But I just want to create the Profiles. GSASER when choosing it asks me for articles, description, title etc ...

How can I publish in those engines that support articles and profiles, and only do it in profiles?

For example, add 1 article but in the GSASER options, indicate that you do not publish 0 articles per domain. Or how should I do?


  • SvenSven
    edit project->options->link type->uncheck "Article*"
    Thanked by 1porlapatria
  • True Sven Thank you, I had forgotten that point. That madness with so many options, I do not remember all.
  • Clarify something else, even if I deselect articles, or just select Profile. I keep asking for the texts in DATA. I know this is for the engines used. But I suppose the fields intended for title, description etc ... will not be used, even if you have to fill them out. I only have Profiles marked, I am glad that even if I leave those fields, it will not be published, I can have anything written.
  • SvenSven
    yes simply write anything there
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