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anyone can tell me about GSA addon

Hello Everyone @Sven

anyone can tell me about the GSA addon

Is it still good working or getting results?

i try to contact this site but no one can reply...

and i try to buy SERengines license but there is a requirement to buy a minimum 3-month license 

how can i buy 3 months license if i don't know how it's working 

if anyone knows about this so please let me know 




  • SvenSven
    Its still working and currently improved to a new level. The author (James) however is sometimes away for a longer time and replies to queries later. He might also right now convert the current engines to the new API. After that, Im sure we will see new engines more quickly as scripting them get easier.
  • One cannot really recommend Serengines. Read the long thread in this forum about testing 2.0, especially the last few posts. If I were you, I would wait if there ever is a version 3...
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