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Does the GSA SEO Indexer still work "2020" ?

I have tried but not indexed


  • SvenSven
    1. how much time passed between program usage and index check?
    2. what types of links are that?
    Thanked by 1yana
  • yanayana indonesia
    3 day.. web 2.0 like medium, etc
  • SvenSven
    give it more time...3days is way to less even with indexing services in my eyes.
  • yanayana indonesia
    thanks for the information
  • there are indexing services that work well. But they are not free. The expectation would be having confirmed crawling of links within a week. I cannot speak to Sven's indexer as I do not use it, but based on the excellent quality of his other software, I am sure it is competitive with other free software.
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