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Duplicate articles

Hi @Sven,

I remember some time ago there was a discussion about SER being able to recognize if an article is being used on a dead verified link and making it available again. The idea was the if a verified link is dead the article that was used on submitting could be used again on a fresh submission. This could have been useful on projects that required higher quality articles thus costing more than simple hyper spun content.

Has this been implemented?



  • SvenSven
    Once a link is removed from the verified, it is also removing the article-id from that list and the article used here would again be usable for further submissions.

    So yes, this is already working.
  • Awesome! Thanks!
  • One more loosely related question. Is there a limit of how many articles with 500-800 words can be imported into one project without sacrificing speed or reliability? I mean over how many articles should I actually use macros? 
  • SvenSven
    depends on the macros. Can you show a bit details?
  • Right now I have two type of article with macro. One with spinfolder + mix articles the other with spinfolder delete.

    I always thought that using macros is more resource friendly. Although I noticed that using the spinfolder macro with the mix article option takes longer to render in preview I didn't give much thought to it until now.

  • SvenSven
    should be ok and not that much resource hungry. Though you would save resources if you import articles directly. Then SER would build an index (to minimize memory usage), not have to search the whole directory again and again on each submission and you can also track what article is used on what site.
  • So actually using macros is more resource hungry than importing 1000 articles into ser?

    Is this true with the rest of the fields too? I mean let's say I have 150 projects pulling website title, descriptions, and such with macros from the same files. Would importing everything into ser actually save resources? I thought the opposite is true...
  • SvenSven
    this is for articles only as an index is build and used to lower memory usage. For other fields its better to use macros for a lot of data/content.
  • Thanks a lot!
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