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GSA Search Engine [ I'm so tired ]

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I can't do anything for about 8 months. I bought all the programs, bought a list, bought a proxy, bought mail, but now I'm so tired.

I can not take any action, I cannot get verified. I watched videos, read pdf, but no one is helping me anyway.
I want just verified link......
I have 65 milions LİNK !!!!!!!!!!!

Just I want = 1k article, 1k wikipedia, 1k profil backlink, 1k commend,  bla bla bla bla...........!
and I struggled for 8 months and I have nothing.

why no one is helping me. I'm so tired now please somebody help me, I want to cry


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2020
    Brother, don't get stressed! Private message me on here. I emailed you, but this is the best way to reach me as I visit the GSA boards a lot more than I check that email. :)

    I know how it feels to be stressed. Just know there are answers! Sometimes it feels like things can't be solved. :sweat:  But that is not the reality! There are probably an infinite number of different ways you can succeed with GSA combining elements of SEO and taking different order of steps, meaning there's no "one" answer.

    Personally, I (ALWAYS!) get a feeling like "things are impossible" if I step away from something. Even writing to people. But once I start again, usually I find out it's just not true. It's just a distorted perception. Why? Who knows!

    Also, you have to ask very specific questions on the boards, or else no one here will know exactly what it is you need help with!
  • You can cry. We'll listen.
    Calm your nerves with some instrument. I've heard Davie504 has just started giving bass lessons. Try them out and come back when you are ready.

    (by the way I noticed that you haven't mentioned if you bought indexing. I hope you are indexing your links and checking if those links get indexed)
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