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Question about backlink pyramid tier 1

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Have a couple questions I'm looking for answers to, first  is there a right number of anchor links to have on a tier 1 web2.0 webpage you would have pointing to money site? I hear some people saying several and some saying just have 1 anchor. 

And then is it best to link the web2.0s to the specific page/post your trying to rank on your money site or do you ideally link to just the homepage? 


  • Better to link to the page you are trying to rank, although I'd include a random link to your homepage every so often.

    There isn't a "right number" of links, you just have to make it appear to look natural, so if your content reads as though it will support one link, then only use one link, but if you write the content to support more, then use more.

    I also occasionally link out to other authority sites as well that have relevent content, but don't compete directly with me such as newspapapers, magazines, manufacturer sites etc etc
  • ronron

    I only do one link out per post. Others do more. I could make a good argument for each point of view.

    Since the answer can't be proven as the algorithm is confidential, you need to experiment and determine what you think is best.

    You do your linkbuilding to rank a certain page, whether it is the home page or the inner page. So you already know the answer to that's the page you are trying to rank.

  • christal ball says 1,5x every 2,7 freeblogs...

    to be honest: no one will be able to tell you.....

    some advice say to just use one link in your T1 to either homepage or subpage and switch that up..
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