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Hello @sven I am testing your content generator product and I will certainly buy it shortly, I will ask you for a discount in private, I have licenses of all your programs. If I get a discount, when I debug my thesaurus I will pass it on to you to add it to the program as predefined.

I want to give you some suggestions for improving the databases. I use only Spanish for now. Although sometimes I can use an external service for Spin, I have a thesaurus made by me in an old version of Chimp Rewriter and I have several hundred items stored, all in Spanish. If I ever do campaigns in English, I use an online service with API, because English is very easy to spin.

To start telling you that the manual link does not work, page not found. Although with the videos we can learn, I like the static text with your images, translate and read it carefully. The video is faster and read what is translated and see the point, it gets complicated.

I have gone crazy to save the database in Spanish on your site so that it always loads it, in my case user / Appdata / roaming / Gsa content generatos / lang or something similar. It could be easier to save the language I want modified.

My suggestions

1.- Option to remove texts and words from the dictionary all accents. Accents are widely used in Spanish, but when you publish on a page that does not support it, we have as a result rare symbols. I have long learned that it is better to publish without accents. and for that we must remove them in the texts before spin or after, and also if I want it from the same database of that particular language. It would be well an option for in the Database to be able to remove the accents to all the words of thesaruo. My personal thesaurus has no accent. Your database in Spanish leaves much to be desired, there words with synonyms that are not so correct or are only for one type of situation, I always avoid that.

2.- Option to remove from the dictionary those phrases of more than X words, which in my case would be 5 or 6 This I ask because when importing from files in Spun, I add thousands and thousands of my relationships. But in some texts I have some fault and I have Spin of phrases of 7-30 words. Removing that by hand with how slow the program moves is impossible. So an option where I say, take away all the phrases in the dictionary that have more than 6 words, and do a scan and delete them directly, the phrase and its relationships. So I debug it in a moment and avoid those failed Spun. I repeat that I remove them from the same thesaurus of the language I am modifying.

Spin services like ESPinner is still of poor quality, almost always puts too many synonyms of the words not usable in all cases, that and the accents was what led me to create my thesaurus and save hundreds of articles in Spun format.

Finally, I can't find the option to export to files in Spun format, bone with {} and all its variations. When I use ESPinner what I get is a file without Spun, already done. I reach a better indicator of originality using my Spanish thesaurus, which I am improving little by little, but that does not use Accents and I have some long phrase failures that have been cast into me and that can happen to anyone when I import texts to add to thesaurus.

An easy function to record the language DB in your default site instead of having to navigate the entire computer to overwrite the one that uses the program by default.

As I indicated, there is no good Spin service in Spanish, I have tried them all, and that is why I prefer to continue improving my own dictionary. I use the generic synonyms that can always be applied and I don't enter synonyms, which then do not match all the uses. I even have Spin of phrases of 3 -6 words, of phrases that are used a lot or colloquial expressions of street that I add others in the same sense. It took me almost a year to have a thesaurus in condition and I keep improving it.

An extra option, I know that we can put all the letters in lowercase letters, but there should be some intelligent function, that the words that go after a period (.) Have the first one in capital.

Without the option of being able to remove the accents of the entire GSA thesaurus, and the option of being able to clean longer phrases of X that I have added to the Thesaurus, I have no choice but to continue using my old version of chimp Rewriter, because in the I can do everything. But the idea is to use only your program.

By the way, with so much export option, I still haven't seen the option to save items in SPUN format with all its modifications and that when executing it gives me different versions. Whenever I export they are with the Spin Made. And I repeat SPinner and other services, they barely serve to create content in Spanish, they use so many words that cannot be used in all fields, it has no phrases made, it does not spin figures {1000 | thousand} etc.


  • The Spanish accents are only 5. It is easy to make a filter that replaces its version without an accent. It is easy to do in Excel or any program, but it would be nice if there was an option that makes it automatic in GSA

    á  > a
    é  > e
    í > i
    ó > o
    ú > u

    They also exist in capital letters. Total 10 changes to be made to completely eliminate accents.

    It must be said that by removing the accents, many of the apis may not recognize some words, that depends on how well they have done it. I only work without accents for the problems of rare characters when you publish in Web 2.0 or sites that do not have the character set well specified, and that happens a lot.
  • SvenSven
    1. Next version will allow you to make search/replaces to your DB over Tools menu.
    2. Same for this have it in next update
    >An extra option, I know that we can put all the letters in lowercase letters, but there should be some intelligent function, that the words that go after a period (.) Have the first one in capital.

    That should happen by default. If a sentence starts, it should make it's first letter upcase. If thats not the case, please give a sample.

  • thanks, how fast in development. I try these days, I will install another trial version on another machine.

    I have to confess that the spintax system in Spanish leaves a lot to be desired.

    The program that I have used the most for that is SCM, and without adding more words, the cuts it makes and the extracts are more than acceptable, much more than content generator

    I'm going to continue testing to see if I can do quality Spun, but neither nor ESPpinner do the size.

    The only big mistake I find is that in Spanish the variations are not good. In the other software I can say how many alternatives per sentence, how many paragraphs per paragraph, and also has some more sources like tumblr and the like.

    Thanks for everything and I'm still trying to debug my thesaurus with your tool. But I need SPUN to do better. More and more cuts and alternative phrases, also paragraphs but more or less following the order. Right now I am testing the other soft to see if with the same theme and same keywords it does the job better or worse. I haven't used it for 2 years.
  • a question Sven. This can be done on the fly. I mean, according to scprape, I also removed accents. Because if the BD is without accents and it gives me fragments of text with accents, it obviously won't replace
  • SvenSven
    The spin combinations in GSA Content Generator are from public available thesaurus. As I don't speak that language, I can add little to it sorry.

    However, I don't think that other tools can offer more sources. Our software can use almost any search engine you add as a source and can parse the results. But if you think something important is missing, I can add it quickly on next update. You can do that as well as the syntax to add new sources is easy.

  • Don't worry Sven, when I finish debugging my thesaurus I will add it, and I will send it to you so that if you wish, add it. But we must bear in mind that I have it without accents and without "ñ", because it is always better than this misspelled to leave a strange symbol that betrays much more than it is something automatic. Another thing I do is when I have a super SPUN already done, I can pass the correct one for the accents and solved.

    I do not know the exact reason, but I get much more content in other software, I have already explained in a private message. Adding sources is easy I have seen and used, I also tell you some of that in private.

    Well I say it here. A domain can have news, forum, sales market etc ... If I'm only interested in the news or article, a filter could be added to only collect content from that domain if it has a word, for example / article / or / new /, or even add negative filters so that it does not take content from a certain part, for example / market / or / comment /
  • questions and answers. In your software we can add lists, but it is also easy to scrape questions and answers, because Google shows them by default in the results listings. It is another interesting contribution, easy to scrape and that usually gives extra points to the article.

    This is present in others and not in the Content generator, and I think it would be very good and easy. Anything variety will always be better.

    Waiting times between searches in sensitive search engines, so you can define for example 60 seconds between google searches, and less proxies will burn, fewer hoods will come out. in fact well configured you can work without proxies, so I do it in other software without problems.
  • SvenSven
    the search delay is defined per source...Im open to increase it if you think it's too low for some.
    q/a is available as an can add it to your articles.
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    You can add an option so that when you create articles, even if you make the cuts and paste phrases and paragraphs, do not add any synonyms ?, there will be people who then want to modify it by hand or using an external program. In my case I want to use Chimp rewriter separately with my dictionary.

    since neither ESPinner nor are not good enough to have a great variation, and because in my case I use it without accents or the letter "ñ" that I change it to "n". And of course paying for those services so incomplete and that don't work for me seems silly to me having my own thesaurus.

    Or a way where I can load my thesaurus and only use that within your program, do not use the one that already brings that does not work for me either.

  • SvenSven
    what you mean with "not add an synonyms"? Is that the internal spinner you are referring to? If so, simply disable it's use.

    Also if you want to use your own db, simply save your db as spin.sdb and that one will be used. Though make sure it is not overwritten on next update (keep an backup).
    I will try to make it an option to use different dbs per project...but for now this should work for you.
  • We have a different concept when it comes to making articles.

    Your program 1 item = 1 item

    Me and many, 1 super spin article = several publications and they will be different.

    There is no option to, for example, have 10 titles in an article within a spin
    {title 1 | title 2 | title 3 | title 4 ........}

    And then the words of the titles will have their synonyms, which means that you have a wide variety of titles. And considering that many times the title goes with Mod rewrite in the url, it is quite important to have a wide variety of titles for the same article.

    Likewise, the phrases within a paragraph may have other phrases that replace it. In fact my way of working is like this, a very worked article and with many relationships with chimp rewriter, with which to a project I add 5 to 7 articles of this type, which can perfectly make me 200 different articles and until today without problems of any kind.

    On the other hand. It is useless to debug the accents in thesaurus database, if you then try to do Spin with accents and thesaurus BD is without accents. That is why the vast majority of software to make spin articles do not usually put the synonyms or has an option. I have already discovered that without marking the spin option and not associating any service, it does not make any synonym and that is my way of working. Well, I always go through Chimp, so I debug errors and I expand my own thesauso. Otherwise I will not have unique articles if we all use the same default and simple thesaurus that only affects single words and does not take into account phrases, or small parts.

    So the summary

    Be able to define how many titles the article will have.

    That when doing scrape, remove the accents. This does not affect me because I do it in another program

    That not all sentences in a paragraph always come out. For example, if a paragraph has 10 sentences, apart from changing the order a little, 2 be one, and exit or one or the other. This gives even more variations and less positive high copy scape.

    Whenever we want a level 1 article, very good, the most logical way is to translate articles 2 times, example English> GERMAN> Spanish and make a few synonyms. For Tier 2 or higher, this is the way I work. Yes it is true that it is not perfect, but they are unique and without copyscape problems.

    For level 1 I use the same technique for many years and I am doing well. I hope that GSA content can accommodate my use. I really like the wide variety of options in Output that you even change several types of html tag for the same, that is fantastic and that is missing from the competition, they are usually the same code in your output.
  • SvenSven
    >Be able to define how many titles the article will have.

    You have this already in the software as seen below....

    >That not all sentences in a paragraph always come out. For example, if a paragraph has 10 sentences, apart from changing the order a little, 2 be one, and exit or one or the other. This gives even more variations and less positive high copy scape.

    You have that in latest update.

    >... translate articles 2 times...
    Also possible...

  • True, well I'm checking it right now in demo to see how the exit.

    Sorry that I am so heavy, I want to buy the best software and I am testing 3 at a time although only 2 convince me, yours and another.

    I have 2 doubts.

    If I do scrape, pick up the text and take it to the Spin, if I have it marked, I have it unchecked. But would there be any way that when doing scrape make an automatic filter for example remove the accents? So if I put the Spin with my thesaurus that does not use accents, I do it correctly.

    There is some way to add your own thesaurus and use that one by default. Because yes, we can add a thesaurus and even save it. But at the time of choosing a language, only those that come by default and not the one that I have apart come out. For example having Spanish the one you add and Spanish 2 that would be mine, and being able to select it as thesaurus by default.

    In this way, when doing scrape, remove accents and use the Thesaurus instead of the default. In this way I would do everything in one click, and the default Spanish dictionary is maintained that does have accents.

    I guess to the default dictionary of Spanish I can add my synonyms and have only 1 with everything. My thesaurus is separated by commas (,)

    As I said, it is a little crazy to try to make Spin with accents, when many pages do not show it well, just like the character (ñ)
  • I already found the way I like the most.

    It is based on making a single general search on the subject. For an example, in a work on luthier the objective articles are of music and guitarists. Then I do a search like

    best guitarists ever

    And he will give me a few articles on the same topic. Then I export All Articles in one text files (with spin no html) and the same for the titles, then I add all those titles, I remove accents with notepad and pass it through chimp rewriter.

    Being articles of the same theme, paragraphs can be exchanged between them and maintains the theme, and would have many different titles. That way with only 1 Spin file you can publish dozens of times.

    @ Are there any way to get any discount bonus?
  • SvenSven
    you can create an own export template where you can e.g. define...

    That would skip the need of doing this search/replace in notepad
  • Can you make an exit that combines both All Titles and All Articles in one Spin?
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    Can you make a mix type?
    All mix paragraphs all articles + reorder sentences hightly
     (roll back sentences only within the same paragraph.)
    With this type of order, plus an exit that combines all the titles and articles in a SPUN, I have the perfect articles for -Tier 2, 3 ...... in an easy way. For Tier 1 of course I would use something softer and translated.
  • SvenSven
    >All mix paragraphs all articles + reorder sentences hightly
    in next update

  • edited January 26
    The program has improved dramatically by giving more order options for paragraph changes and sentences. Thanks for listening.

    I have more suggestions, since this week I will buy it.

    1.- In the option of forbidden words, because it does not make the selection can be saved. Imagine the scenario that I make articles in Spanish today and tomorrow in German. The words are not the same. Or English one day and another Spanish, there are some words that are written the same in both languages ​​but mean different. It would be nice to save that selection of forbidden words and be able to load them instead of having to write them over and over again.

    2.- Selection of engines, then the same, make a selection and be able to save and load that selection according to the type of project, if it has authority links or photos or a particular engine I do not like.

    3.- I have seen this in other software that have an option for GSA SER, and apart from making the article, they create the descriptions of 250 and 450 words,blog coment, title blog etc..  ready to spin, also comments on the same topic, and other fields that you need a project. To be able to suddenly create all the fields that a new project needs would be fine, and it would also be good if in GSA-SER there was an option to put that file in a project and fill in all the fields that you can. My idea is to first do Spin with Chimp rewriter and then import it to GSA-SER

    4 power saves the output configuration, so you can save a complete configuration type that you would use again and again. I know there is an option to backup everything, but I need to have 2 or 4 settings already done and that I would select according to the type of project. It would be faster everything.

    I hope you like my suggestions and see it appropriate. I try to make software more complete and with a faster workflow.
  • This new week that comes, I buy this good software that is updating so much, as soon as I receive a payment by paypal that in theory should be this Monday or Tuesday. So I will have in my collection another great program of the GSA house, proud to use them.
    Thanked by 1710fla
  • SvenSven
    1. Added support to add filters from other projects in next update

    2. You have that already. Right click on the listing to load/save selections.

    Also make use of the "duplicate project" menu entry when using the down arrow on the NEW button from main menu. This way you could define one project and clone it, followed with little changing.

    3. You have that already. Export with "GSA Search Engine Ranker (all fields)". If there is a need for other programs and there different formats, I can add a template on next update.

    4. Se note under 2.
  • there are things that escape me. Their programs usually have an easy interface but then there are much more things than they can see. Take note. Today I buy this Software, in a while.
  • Another issue that worries me a little. I have decided to only add for yahoo, bing and Google text searches, but it doesn't get many results.

    I give an example just a search phrase

    Blues History (in Spanish   "historia del blues"

    And the program is only capable of making 3 articles of 7-9 paragraphs, with a variety of sentences and additional paragraphs in the setup. I don't think the scrape in these search engines goes from the first or second page. Another program that I use in DEMO to evaluate if it gets much more content. Maybe you have to look deeper in your searches.

    The newspapers that you add in Spanish are not adequate, they mention their brand too much, they have a lot of content around other topics that are added to the scrape etc. So it is better to only search for search engine results, but you have to search deeper.

    I already add the prefix "article" to my search phrases to have better results when doing scrape. But it still falls short.

    I don't know if you can somehow skip the results of sites that contain short texts, for example forums, micro social networks. Because they usually give very rare and very personalized results that sometimes even leave the subject I am looking for. I do not know if it would be possible to use traces of Blog, Web2.0 and similar to better search the contents and omit the less desired content.

    That you extract text fragments from a twitter, a micro blog, forum and the like, does not bring anything good to the final result. So in the same way, for example, to extract content from a newspaper is also quite difficult because they usually put texts with links to other content and they usually take the scrape. This is just an idea on the air, I don't know if it would be possible to refine searches for long content.

  • SvenSven
    paste the log please when scraping was done.
  • I think I was wrong, it seems that it was my proxies problem.

    But I have more requests. We have the option to debug the accents in the SPIN BD, but it is useless, if you do not remove the accents when doing Scrape.

    Two Spanish BDs can coexist, the one that brings by default and another one that I will send to you, where there is no accent.

    The problem is that when doing Scrape, take the texts with accents and therefore my BD does not work. There should be an option for that when making Scrape eliminate them in some way, or that does not take them into account.

    Then we can have Spanish BD for Tier 1, which brings by default and Spanish BD 2 without accents for tier 2 and 3, it could even serve for Tier 1. But I have no way of doing it well if I don't do it from another program.

    The option of exporting to GSA SER ALL FIELDS, is there any way that fields such as Title blog, description 250, 450 etc can be incorporated directly into the project ... It could be done by requesting that export to leave a selectable to say that fields I want you to add me directly to GSASER without having to be the one to copy and paste them. Here it is also important that there has been scrape without accents before and that it goes through my BD.

    As you can see, I still have some small issues to resolve. I still have to be exporting the articles, removing accents with Notepad ++ and doing Spin in Chimprewriter, are too many steps.
  • For me and for more users we seek to do everything within the same program and from there launch it to GSASER. It's like the other programs, you have to process it outside, but I think if you add the right functions, I can do everything from the GSA content, that is the idea, because GSASER and GSA content are from the same developer, it should be much more integrated adding all those fields quickly to GSASER to a project.

    I can even scrape mini articles of 1 paragraph with a maximum of 450 characters and use it to fill in the descriptions, titles etc, of the projects.
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