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Email verification not working now?

edited March 2013 in Bugs

it is probably happening since the last update - my emails are not verified at all. I see several verification mails in my mailbox when login manually, mail accounts in GSA are correctly set and tested.

When i set status to "Active - Verify E-mails Only", i get:

09:37:10: Setting up project
09:37:10: Starting project

and thats all...nothing is happening... When i set "Active - Verify Only" or just "Active", no email are being verified as well.

edit: just tried it with another project where i have just 1 mail - email verification is working there. With 2 mails, it is not working for me - not sure if this might be the reason...


  • SvenSven
    send the project backup for a closer look than.
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