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Add proxies automatically to all GSA software

edited January 2020 in Feature Requests
Hi @Sven I haven't posted here for a long time, I offer my services again

I have all your seos products except one, the one that scrape content that I will buy soon.

What I do not understand, as long as later and having GSA Proxies Scrape, the other GSA programs do not bring auto import from file every X minutes.

This does not take away from having payment proxies. But it is true that GSA proxy scrape if you do it work gets you hundreds of Proxies that then valid with GSA SER and saved in a file, everything is automatic. But in GSA indexer, Redirect, the content or especially GSA PI does not have an option to read a .txt file of proxies every few minutes. This will make much more sense PRoxy Scraper.

I put a list to compromise in GSA PI and only work with the Proxies that I have loaded, and if it takes 3 days to check the list, I cannot change the proxies.

So I think that all other GSA programs should have auto import of Proxies through a file and read it every few minutes. If not, Proxie Scraper does not make much sense, because in GSA SER I prefer to use payment proxies, but in other programs they can perfectly use GSA proxie scraper proxies.

I understand that this has an almost null difficulty, it's just doing it and that's it. The same module that you program for GSA PI is valid for the rest of SER products.


  • Supported. But even a static solution would be of great help already, e.g. a simple "Import proxies from GSA xxx" button. 
  • SvenSven
    Current update allows you to quickly add proxies from GSA Proxy Scraper by pressing "Add->From GSA Proxy Scraper".
  • But there are two nuances.

    That it loads automatically every few minutes, and that the same option also exists in the other software. GSA PI, Redirect pro, Indexer etc ... and the entire range of GSA software

    Precisely in GSA SER it is the easiest because you add it as a URL resource, but read the output file of GSA SCRAPER, but that type of import does not exist in the rest of the software.
  • SvenSven
    >... and the entire range of GSA software
    Will be available in all upcoming updates as all GSA tools share the same proxy code.
    >type of import does not exist in the rest of the software.
    Well it have the same dialog in all GSA tools (except Platform Identifier which is a bit different).
  • The thing is, @Sven, the ones from Proxy Scraper are good, but I mostly use private proxies, and having them to import into every tool is what could be simplified by such an option. Thanks for considering. 
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