GSA Website Contact + Xevil = "Servers seem down"

It worked before, even with the demo version. Now its not, for some reason. What can be that?...

- RuCaptcha is set
- Ports: tried 1, :80, 8080 (what else can be used if it would resolve the issue?)
- Xevil is "green" (works)


  • SvenSven
    Well nothing changed the way Web Contact access es the services. And it seems to work here as well.

    Have you changed anything on your setup (updated xevil or something)?
  • Yes, I think. Update was done. So it might be that side, right?
  • SvenSven
    yes, unlikely its us as I have nothing changed on this part.
  • Can corroborate the problem. SerEngines sends Json data instead of an URL, seems part of some error logging, because it appears not only in the Recaptcha Solving, but also on most other log lines:

    10:05:28: [+] 1/1 matches engine Miarroba -
    10:05:28: [-] 1/1 SerEngines: OPEN_PAGE -
    10:05:28: [-] 1/1 SerEngines: failed with 2Captcha: PAGEURL - { "PARAMS" : { "CMD_ID" : 5, "SUCCESS" : 1 }, "RESP_TYPE" : "RESULT" }
    10:05:28: [-] 1/1 login failed (2Captcha: PAGEURL) - { "PARAMS" : { "CMD_ID" : 5, "SUCCESS" : 1 }, "RESP_TYPE" : "RESULT" } - L:xxxx P:xxxxx

    (the xxxx are correct information for that account)
  • SvenSven
    should be fixed in latest update no?
  • Yes, but I have just bought it, and I found the installation (patches) a bit difficult to manage. Its not like GSA products... ;) I am serious. I already have Website Contact, PI, Indexer, tested nearly all of them. I am thinking to get GSA CB also, and your Proxy Scraper looks brilliant as well, just as the Captcha Breaker! And now I am testing your Radio tool. Everything works amazing, really! 
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    thanks for the warm words ;)
  • edited January 12
    Just saw another update, @Sven. Trying...
  • Works now, thanks!
  • I'm having this same problem right now too.  I've updated the patch version but Xrumer/Xevil is not solving like it use to. @wolfvanween ; any recent problems you occur?
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