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on stopping GSA SER threads go down/up/down/up all the time

GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
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on version 5.30 5.31 I have stopped the program in order to update to the new release but I noticed something strange
the threads go down from 130 > 0 > 63 > 15 > 90 > 3 etc (all numbers are indicative except first ones (130 > 0)
the projects seem to be stopped (no color on them) but the threads are acting strange and usually it would take a few seconds to settle on 0 but with last 2 version they seem to go up/down forever (2 minutes wait  at least)

is this a bug ? anybody else has seen this ?


  • this is still in existence with 5.33
    can anybody else confirm ?
  • this continues on 5.34 still
  • SvenSven
    v5.35 is the latest version now
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    I'm on 5.35. My LPM's are not as high as they used to be. It's been like that since around 5.26. I haven't been able to get over 30 LPM. I used to push 220 LPM. My threads are lower as well. I have it set on 300 but I'm averaging around 30 threads.
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    This is exactly what is happening to me. I used to have 150 threads and it was solid and running good. Then a couple days ago I came home and was behind by 3 updates and ever since then it hasn't been the same. A first it was crashing every time I opened GSA, I couldn't even click on anything cause it crashed immediately.

    Then it was updated and now it won't crash, but now it fluctuates from 3 threads to 44 threads now, it goes no where near 150. Right now it's at 18 and it just bounces around. It has never done this before, besides the past 3 days, I have never had any issues with GSA at all.

    I always break 200K links in a day, now I'm getting around 25K. 50 private proxies, water cooled and over-clocked quad core i7, 16gb ram, 30mbps download and 15mbps upload (not fast, but it's more than enough and it's considered fast for the states).
  • I went back to 5.26 and it's moving like it's supposed to. At 76 LPM atm and rising. :)
  • I have to ask is this *too many threads* in the newer releases core functionality?

    I read on a few threads Sven saying he has included more threads in the core program.

    I have no idea to be honest although I have noticed that many people are taking issue with the latest releases.

    I had another crash on 5.34 last night... 6 hours of frozen whilst I slept.

    I am on 5.35 now and it's running well and the memory is nice for my 15/30 scheduled run.

    If it plays up and locks up I will roll back again to 5.28 as that was my sweet spot so far for posting.

  • I can confirm I have simliar issues with 5.35 about 20% of the LpM I used to get.
  • ronron

    Yeah, I'm just humming along at 42.89 LPM, lol.

    In hindsight, everybody kept asking for more features, more features. Add this, add that.

    I hope we all now realize what happens to software when you ask it to do everything. 

  • It's uncanny how @ron mirrors my inner thoughts exactly on all of this.

    I *hope* people stop asking for features or at least Sven starts saying no to more of them.

    I'd prefer stability + speed + engine improvment over anything new ( +1 this idea if you agree )
  • People have been saying this since the *flashing lights" were added to the software. Obviously, there have been many great improvements to the software since that date, but it was only a matter of time before little hiccups like this started occurring due to all the new feature's being added. 

    The people with issues are being vocal about it, which is to be expected, but those without any problems won't necessarily speak up, so i think it's important to note that not everyone is experiencing issues. For example, i did have issues with the later 5.2x versions, but everything's run as good as ever since 5.30 came about for me personally. No matter the problem though, i'm sure Sven will get it resolved for those affected soon enough. 
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    All within your control. If you have a version you like just don't update anymore.
    And when you update anyway ask yourself why you just did that. LOL
    I'm still at 5.26 and will not update until the forum chatter says its time.
    Knowing Sven, it shouldn't be too long before everything is cooking again.
  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    @doubleup - I'm not so sure. Since 5.2x, I can't get anywhere near the LPM, regardless of the iteration.

    On one hand, I'm much happier than 2 months ago when I was maybe at 10 LPM. So things have gotten so much better since then.

    On the other hand, once you've had a taste of 200 LPM, it's like a drug.

    I believe there are limits to an application where the more you add, it becomes regressive in performance. After all, there are limiting factors like ram, cpu, ghz, etc. The closer you push it to the limits, the more people will have issues.

    @Mike - That is the only rational choice - you're right.

  • SvenSven
    To be honest, I don't think that LpM really dropped. The nature of the current version is that it does everything at a time now...verification, submission and searching (if enabled). So over a longer time it would have the same LpM in my eyes. Please see if you get less verified links instead.
  • ronron

    Verified links is strong, so that has been an important benefit.

    I tried moving down to 5.26 yesterday just as a test, and it was no better than 5.35, so I said to hell with it. I don't believe in version hopping.

    One of the issues is that as we get older with SER, we also have a lot more projects. So we jam things up on our end as well.

    The bottom line is that SER works really well on rankings. And when I get into the whole LPM self induced depression, I remind myself to look at the rankings.

  • Sven, you said everything happens at a time now and I understand that. However, if we set our custom verification time to like 3 days out... it should only be submitting and searching right?
  • SvenSven
    @jiggsaw yes of setting is changed here.
  • as per original thread
    it seems the STOPing of program / Threads going up and down has stopped

    as for the rest of the discussion

    if am not mistaken SVEN said that he does not let let any thread sitting around doing nothing (maybe not in these words) so in my eyes you have to lower your thread count and you still be doing same things you were doing before 5.2x

    As an example I was running at 320 threads prior to 5.2x and now I am running 200 threads and still get the same amount of Verified per day as I used to ...

    my two cents
  • ........ before 2 weeks I could only go 100 threads, going above 150T crashes. now I am testing at 300T.... speeds up verify a lot..
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