How to combine GSA Content Generator + GSA SER

I want to correctly build links to my money website without a penalty from Google.
I realized that for this I should first place a link to a page from a web 2.0 resource, and then massively link to this page from other sources, the text on the web 2.0 page must be relevant to link that is placed on this page.
I want to use the GSA Content Generator for relevant text. How can I do it?
How post 1000 relevant to link pages automatically with GSA Content Generator???

I spent the whole day to solve this problem. I watched a lot of videos, I could not find an answer. Help me please


  • SvenSven
    Well you would want to create articles for your niche with GSA Content Generator and later export directly to your project within GSA Search Engine Ranker.

    Not really much of a problem unless I didn't understand yours.
  • Hello. I use a translator, so the meaning will be slightly distorted.
    I abandoned the xrumer and came to you.
    1. I have a website with 1000 pages, I want to promote it without a ban from Google. I read on your forum that for this i need to first create a level 1 of links, this is web 2.0. In which 1 post has 1 link to my 1 page, the text on this post 2.0 is a relevant link. I have GSA SER for posting
    2. To create content relevant to my link, I want to buy a GSA Content Generator.
    I want to create a project in GSA SER to add 1000 links to my site with anchors like car, then start posting to web 2.0 resources, with each link, should correspond to a relevant article that says "buy a car" and "buy a phone."
    how to make "Article Manager" in gsa SER automatically pull the article about "buy a car" to the link when posting to web 2.0?
    3. First I need to generate the GSA Content Generator articles “buy a car” and “buy a phone”, then export it as in the figure to GSA SER? I did just that, but Article Manager still displays one article.

    Help please, I don’t speak English well, so the forum and the video do not understand much for me
  • SvenSven
    I would not really recommend to have a SER project with urls/anchors for different niches. You really should consider creating one project per niche (car, phone...).

    You have to do that for Content Generator anyway (though you can create projects here on batch per keyword).
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