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Remove duplicate urls from List Bug

when I select remove duplicate urls from list ( submitted, verified or any other) , ser skips some files and doesnt remove all duplicates. If any single file is selected to remove duplicates, then duplicates get removed successfully. I have attached the video too.
@Sven Please check. Thanks


  • SvenSven
    you made a mistake....
    On the first part you have chosen to de-dupe on the "success" folder which is called "verified" in the dialog.
    On the second de-dupe you have gone to the "verify" folder which would have been the submitted.
  • Can you elaborate please what label corresponds to which folder.
    It looks confusing
    Please check this image and let me know if the correspondence is right
  • SvenSven
    should be obvious...
    verified = success
    submitted = verify (need to verify first)
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