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Search by imported URL / by platforms / keywords

topsecrettopsecret London
edited January 2020 in GSA Platform Identifier
- I would like to find webshops by niches.
- ...and skip those that already contains a specific keyword (which part of the site I need to look for it? meta?...)

PI works only by imported URL's? So I need to find URL's first and after I will be able to identify them by platforms? Or I could search on the web also directly?

Which tools I have to combine to be able to find - lets say - all webshops in a specific country?


  • Shopify stores are on (110K)

    How can I get them all in one file, to be able to send them message via GSA Website Contact?

    Builtwith says that there are 962,000+ Shopify stores. But on there are 110K only. Why is this difference?

    What GSA PI would tell by searching for the same?
  • topsecrettopsecret London
    edited January 2020
    Does GSA PI know something like app . snov . io /techcheck or it identify site by uploaded URL's only?
  • SvenSven
    it can identify beyond the SER supported engines once you use special options.
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