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Is it possible add a custom anchor with no link


Is there a feature that lets me add just one phrase/a custom anchor such as "%link1%" in a sentence that is spun throughout the whole article?



  • SvenSven
    Can you give a sample?
  • @Sven Essentially, I just want to insert the text "%link1%" into an article. It is the macro my blog posting software uses. I want it to go into a sentence so it looks natural.

    For example,  Click %link1% to read more. 
  • SvenSven
    why not using %link1% as an URL in project options? That will insert it according to the options.
  • P_BP_B
    edited December 2019
    I tried that but it's showing up as a link (http://%link1%) instead of just %link1%
  • SvenSven
    will fix it on next update.
  • I only bought the program for this sole purpose. Please update asap. TY.
  • SvenSven
    just uploading latest update.
  • P_BP_B
    edited January 2020
    Ok, so I tried the update and now the %link1% macro isn't even showing up at all.
  • SvenSven
    Showing up where?
  • Tried putting the macro in both the URL & anchor box and every other combination yet, the %link1% macro isn't showing up in the article previews or article.
  • SvenSven
    please send the project backup.
  • sent check pm
  • SvenSven
    should work in 2.80
  • Awesome. How soon can we expect 2.80?
  • SvenSven
    its out already
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