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Stand Alone internal proxy server?

Hello, I'm new here and have a question regarding the internal proxy server that is included within Proxy Scraper.  I currently have three different pc's running a third party program that I would like to integrate with the internal proxy server on another (fourth) machine.  Ideally, the fourth machine on which Proxy Scraper is installed would be dedicated to scraping and serving proxies via the internal server for all of the other machines I have running.  Is this possible?  


  • SvenSven
    yes it is, however it would put the load on this one tool alone. It would be better if you can create exports of the scraped proxies and serve each of the different PCs with it.
  • Hello Sven, 

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly - especially on Christmas Eve.  However - I do want to have one dedicated machine for the proxies which would run pretty much on a continuous basis scraping and testing.  My other machines are already pushed to their limits processing wise.  In addition, I am unable to load a proxy list into the third party piece of software I am using - it will only accept an IP such as  These issues are pretty much the whole reason for wanting a dedicated proxy machine/server.  How would I go about running it this way (accessing the dedicated proxy server) from the other machines.  I  Thank you for your advice in advance.
  • SvenSven
    OK then it would indeed make sense to use Proxy Scraper as the only source.

    1. You would choose as Interface and any free port.
    2. On the other machine you can then use the external IP where Proxy Scraper runs and the port. Any proxy type should work here and is auto-detected by the software.
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  • Ok, so this brings up a couple more questions...  

    1) If I'm understanding you correctly I should set the IP which is located at Options -> Settings -> IP ->

    2) I would like to use a range of ten IP's so I would enter this range at Options -> Settings -> Port(s) -> 8080-8090

    3) Then I would connect from my other pc(s) to the proxy machine's external IP (ex. with the port number that I would like to use.  Full examples of connection would look like this:

    Connection #1;
    Connection #2;

    Is this the correct configuration?

    Thank you again.

  • Hi Sven,

    No need to answer my last questions - I just tested exactly what I outlined above and it's working perfectly.  Your software is pretty amazing - it does exactly what I need it to do out of the box.  Just a little learning curve and some configuration and we are off and running.  I'm actually looking forward to checking out some of your other products (ex. captcha breaker, etc.)

    Thank you again,
  • SvenSven
    Nice you got it working and thanks for the comments ;)
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