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Hey hello, I've been running GSA SER for 1 week (24/7), an optimized campaign with 3 main anchor texts, and I have built around 1,000 verified links (various types) and also used GSA SEO Indexer on all of them,  and guess what, basically no improvement in my SERP's..  this is only 1 site, but I've doing the same for other sites as well.. and almost no improvment...  

What am I doing wrong? or is ir really that slow? I've read that some people rank a site #1 (low competition) in a few days using SER... but till now my results are very disappointing...  am I missing something? 

I'm using EMD domains, and on-site optimizations... not sure what's happening



  • its all about keyword research.
  • keyword research?  I did extensive keyword research with Market Samurai, and I'm trying to rank for low or mid competition keywords... still no improvement...   are you guys seeing real improvements?
  • GiorgosKGiorgosK Greece
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    1 week worth of link building is not always enough to wait for improvement
    might take some more time to see real improvements

    for example with 2 week worth of link building I might expect a movement
    from from top 500 to top300 but not from top10 to top7

    hell there are cases where with 3-4 months link building you can't expect
    top10 > top7 movement either

    what is your expectations ?
  • show your settings..... you can b uild 1000 crap or 100 great links..
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    A week is not nearly enough to wait for rankings.  There are some keywords that G only updates once a week.
  • slow, steady links. Learn how to build tiers properly. Do this for at least a month. All the information you need is right here in the GSA forum :)
  • yes, I'm building tiers properly.. also trying in other sites with direct linking.. same results: 

    My google webmaster tool shows that google is currently capping my clicks... not sure until when: 


  • @prodak check your backlink profile and create backlinks accordingly.
    don't create too many anchor text links and mix it up with generics.
    make sure your not only getting links to your homepage but to all other pages on your website.
    also make sure you check your follow/nofollow ratio and aim for 75% + follow links.
    follow them tips and you'll increase in no time
  • dont think so. started 8 projects on january with automatic backlinking. only 2 show improvement. the rest sits there at page 2........
  • ronron

    Depending on competition and simply google, it takes 2-3 months on average. Sure, I have had 5 day successes for no explainable reason. But a slower approach that gradually increases will make usually work very well - and stick.

    Do I have a site where nothing has worked? Yeah, I have one that is my absolute sore spot. Can't explain why there is no google love. Can't even rise above #500. WTF!! I take it kind of personal.

    But the truth is before SER it was hit or miss, maybe 60% got decent rankings, and the rest sucked. So yeah, SER has noticeably increased my winning %. Does it work all the time? No. Is it my fault or SER's fault? Absolutely not.

    If you think building websites and throwing some software at it is a guarantee of success, then I want some that stuff you're smoking because that is some really good stuff in your pipe. 

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @ron - "Do I have a site where nothing has worked? Yeah, I have one that is my absolute sore spot. Can't explain why there is no google love. Can't even rise above #500. WTF!! I take it kind of personal." - shoot me a PM and we'll brainstorm it. I'm doing the same for some of my might be able to spark a new idea or two. 
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    @AleyR @ron interested, too! i am too trying to analyse, why some sites are rising and increasing rankings, and on other the linkbuilding with all my tools dont have any effects...odd, but i have to learn that SEO is a number game! ;-) make it like @Hunar !
  • ronron

    I don't worry about the losers. In the time I spend worrying about that, I can make 2 or 3 new ones. I never get caught up on losers (99% of the time).

  • will i do in the future, too! more quantity of sites, cause quality (of the ranking of the pseudo authority-sites) is a little bit depending on g++++gle...
    so, rather more trys, i think thats your strategy!? ;-)
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