Spinner (generally, but specifically also for German)

Guys, two questions really: 

1. Any new spinner on the block?

WordAI with "Tuning" says they produce "human" text. Bullshit. I just tested it again after 2 years. The output is still apalling. I highly doubt that there is a "learning algorithm" behind the scenes.

It doesn't even correct the most obvious mistakes, like for instance: 
Original: The space is large, too. Output: Also The room is vast. 
Notice the "T". A beginner's error.

TheBestSpinner: probably nothing has changed since 2010. I still have a subscription, and use it with KM, but to be honest, this is not useful for anthing below T3

2. And do we know any tool that can spin German?

WordAI can at least do French, Italian and Spanish...


  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    Would be interested in that as well...I can easily add new spinning services to the software. In fact everyone can by just adding another ini-file based on the ones present.

    For me SpinRewriter gave always best results. Though not in German.

    "Perfect Tense" from the wordAI guys might be a good pick as well.
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