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How much time do I need to wait to new target sites appear or to be unblocked by search engines?

I have this important message: No targets to post to (maybe blocked by search engines, no scheduled posting)

I use GSA website base (just choose all list without filters). Projects have been working during one day and than I saw the message anout "No targets to post to" near each project.
What sould I do? Do I need to make my projects inactive for some time? Can it be resolved by it's own after some time or do I need to do somethig?

Here is my log:

Tell me if you need more info. Thanks


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited December 2019
    Hey Michael...

    This happens. It can be because your proxies for searching ("scraping") for targets using search engines are burnt out.

    Check your proxies against the Search Engine you're using. You may need to find new public proxies that will work with Google...or whatever SE you use...

    If you're using rotating shared proxies to scrape, it may just be that the last proxy randomly selected was already burned. With such proxies you access all the proxies via  a SINGLE "gate" IP address, which is used to access the array of ALL the rotating proxies, of course, one at a time! In that case, don't worry too much. Other proxies within the list will work. Inevitably, some will not. The failed ones  do get replaced periodically, nothing for you to do in this case.,,.,

    You're not using a pre-defined list of sites to post to, so it isn't that you've reached the end of the list.  (Because that can trigger this msg also)

    Turning off/pausing  the projects won't change anything.

    I have gotten this msg and then SER found new targets again afterwards. Without doing anything. Why? Because the randomly selected rotating proxy that happened to be selected had become blocked on Google. Or some other SE I was using. Nothing more. And then, when another proxy was connected, scraping worked again.

    Anyone with more info, please let us know. This is all I have to provide. Hope it helps. :)

    BTW, you can clear the messages if you need to by right-clicking on a project/selecting multiple projects. Good luck, Michael!!~~!
  • Thanks so much for your answer!

    Sure, I replace my proxies periodically and I just placed new ones. But they are private and what is more they are not working when I test them via Google, only for Bing.

    Interest thing:  these proxies are working in Google if I test out of GSA.

    Finally, I understood what you are explaining me, thanks!
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