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GSA or SER ENGINES or is it me who is messing this up?

edited December 2019 in Other / Mixed
So I decided to take out GSA and SER Engines out from the dead and wanted to try doing some automation (web 2.0) to a url. 

I followed everything as per the tutorial posted in SER Engines. 

- SER Engines couldn't create email account (The text file is blank)
- SER Engines Couldn't create web 2.0 

I am using 4 proxies and doing it very slow and using 2captcha.

Apart from that I manually generated 3 catch all email from a custom domain of mine and tested everything!

The errors I am getting while trying to create web 2.0 urls using SER ENGINES

Also I made sure GSA and SER ENGINES API is up to date!


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