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Controlling URL's and anchor text in articles

I'm aware that I can use the placeholder

<a href=%url%>%anchor_text%</a>

to control the insertion of a specific URL and anchor text within the body of an article.

I have a project with over 10,000 URL's and have used{kw1|kw2|kw3}

to control which keywords are used with specific URL's. 

I'd like to inject those URL's/Keyword sets into spun articles, randomising whch URL/keyword set is used, but retaining control over which keyword sets are used with which URL's. I wonder if using a placeholder like this will work:

<a href=%url{1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10}%>%anchor_text%</a>

Any advice to achieve what I need would be appreciated. 


  • HedonistHedonist Philippines
    I found this article which says: 

    "GSA Search engine Ranker will automatically and randomly replace %url% with 1 of the URLs you have imported in the project and same with the anchor text %anchor text%"

    There seems to be some disagreement about this in some of the forum threads that I've read. Can somebody please confirm/refute what's said above?
  • SvenSven
    Wouldn't it be easier to split that project up to the URLs who are niche related to one keyword instead?
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