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Please Fix - Stuck Project/Thread?

edited December 2019 in Bugs

Was something recently changed with Blog Comment, Image Comment, Pingback or Trackback?

I have projects that only target Blog Comment, Image Comment, Pingback and Trackback. And these are the only projects that are getting stuck. These projects build links but then get stuck and do not proceed. So I manually have to stop and refresh within SER and restart projects. What is also strange is when I restart these projects the Submitted and Verified numbers go backwards by thousands. Another strange thing happens is that when I stop these projects the active thread count still shows example T:35.

Other projects that target all other platforms like Article, Directory, Forums, Social Networks/ Bookmark, Guestbooks, etc. work fine and never get stuck.

This has created a huge problem for me since I have to keep on restarting these projects over and over, please fix.


  • SvenSven
    since what version you are experiencing his? Because I haven't changed much on the way the script engine works.
  • I am really not sure, maybe around 14.10

    By any chance do you have a copy of 14.09? I think that when everything was working fine.
  • SvenSven
    thats way too long ago...sorry I never keep old versions. Though if you can get me any URL where you think SER should have submitted to (as in past) and fails now...I have a look.
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