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Fixing Projects: Undoing 2+ Years Misusing GSA-SER!

Greetings, ppl! :)

As some of you reading may realize, I am beginning to understand how to PROPERLY use SER. (Finally!)

How did I go wrong? :|

I guess I just like to learn by experimenting, but doing so with money sites one depends on is a bad idea. :(

Anyway, where do I go from here?

I *just* began indexing links. (not joking) If these are links pointing directly to my money site, is this a bad plan?

Should I cease making new links directly to MS, but keep hitting lower tiers?

At the very least, my task is now the creation many, many Social 2.0 buffer sites to hit GSA with.


  • If links aren't indexed then they don't even exist. Most of them what you've built are dead the rest aren't indexed so no need to undo anything.
    If building links to your money site works then you shouldn't cease doing it. If not then there is no point doing it.
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