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Will setting to Active (V) ping the links?

I cant have certain projects running al lthe time cuz even on lowest priority they are too fast.

However i realized that after few days project will send links to indexer/ping them. But only if project is active.

Will active(verify) also trigger that?

In other words im looking for automatic way that will send the made backlinks to indexer (or ping) after for example 5 days since creation (so the default setting) but other way than setting the project to Active.

Is there such way? :) thanks!


  • SvenSven
    active (verify only): yes it will also be triggered then.
    Anyway, if you can wait longer than the set 5 days, you can as well keep it as it is and the indexing will happen just later when you start the project. That 5 day setting is the minimum.

    You can also manually send them by the "show verified urls" dialog.
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