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High % of Generic Anchor text

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I used went through approx re-verified 3000 links to my money sites from 4 different projects / domains

I used the % Generic Anchor Text in SER with 10% setting.

BUT, when I re-calculated the re-verified links it it got me to 30-40 % generic anchor (URL/Domain excluded)

Can anyone respond to this and  check their ratio?


  • Did some further tests with another project .. its as accurate as 3x the value entered.. so 5 % > 15% and 10% > 30% :-(
  • SvenSven
    Keep in mind that this will never be the exact number. The % settings are used when choosing the URL to submit to and are not based on the content submitted before.
  • edited March 2013

    stills its strange. the % setting for "domain as anchor" is as correct as in the settings (deviation of 2%...)

    but the % of generic is off 3x to 5x its value :-(

    in another project: when NOT using article sites, the % is too low.......

    ok.. I will have to monitor this on the links going directly to the mony sites..
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