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Interesting Observation About Anchor Percentages On Projects

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited December 2019 in Need Help
I have two generic projects. For balance in anchors.

ONE, the percentages added up to 100% INCLUDING partial, secondary, and LSI anchors.

HOWEVER, those were UNCHECKED; only generic, branding, and domain as anchors were checked.

THE SECOND ONE, I had the same three categories checked.  The percentage added up to 100% with JUST THOSE three!

There were long strings of possible anchors in both projects' fields for partial, secondary, and LSI anchors. Both unchecked.

The DIFFERENCE was, PROJECT ONE, which  did NOT add up to 100% with the checked fields, created anchors from the sections that had been unchecked, yet were still part of the percentage of anchors to reach 100%


PROJECT TWO, which added up to 100% with just the generics, domains, and branding, ONLY created links with anchors in those three sections. (The other sections, while not empty fields, still had percentages over zero)

So, ppl, make sure your percentages add up to 100%, else, it looks like SER may draw from the other anchor categories that also have a percentage above zero, even if unchecked!!!
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