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About Actually Threads running on GSA website contact


I setup a project with GSA website contact. I set amount of threads : 
- checking / submission = 500
- Scraping / search = 500

I use a proxy service with 5000 different ports. Each port change proxy every 10 minutes. This proxy service limit 200 connection / threads in one time. And they have live static update. 
I checked in different times and the result in the proxy service static is never use more than 20 connections / threads.
Here is the image for proxy service statics 

But in the GSA website contact, the threads always show more than 200 checking / 300 scraping. here is the image for GSA live statics threads

So my questions: how many threads actually GSA Website contact are using ? Because if the threads is correct for 200 scrap and 200 submit = total 400 threads are using, but proxy use less than 10 threads
I really don't understand

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  • SvenSven
    Of course if you have 200+ parsing running, it does not mean that each thread will download in same time. One might download, the other check filters and another doing something else (asking for captcha or alike).

    Though 10 threads only seems low.

  • Whats the status mean in this image? 97% done ?? I just run the software about 10 minutes.... a lot of keywords (1.100 keywords)
  • SvenSven
    97% done of the urls in the list....that doesn't mean it will search and get new sites to submit to.
  • I don't know I setup GSA submit form work correctly or not, but I see the result very slowly. 

    I have 1k keywords, 300 rotating proxies, i setup 300 threads for searching/scraping and 700 threads for submiting. 

    The result is very slow, it submit success about 100 - 150 sites / hour

    But if I put URLs file to GSA submit form (about 50k URLs), it submited success 14k URL within 1 hour.

    Any idea ?

  • looplineloopline

    I can't speak for all your other settings, but rotating proxies are slow.  They just are.  A lions share of what your accessing with rotating proxies is just public proxies that they pull into the pool.  Public proxies are slow. 

    I only use rotating proxies for scraping from the engines.  For posting I only use private/shared private proxies.  Shared/private are more accurate as well, if your posting with rotating proxies your lowering your success rate just because you use them, they timeout or fail and then you lose.

    So I would get your some good quality shared private proxies for the posting.  They are inexpensive on the whole. 

    Some rotating proxy providers offer server based proxies as well, and if yours does, they won't likely let you scrape google etc.. with the server proxies but the server proxies will be more ish stable for posting, so you could try that.

    My 2 cents.
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