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Indexer Drip-Feed Question:Is It Necessary For HIGHEST Tier (T1)?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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Greetings, all...

I have just signed on for an indexer service at instantlinkindexer.

This service is inexpensive; I am guessing that I may also want a higher-cost service as well.(Usually, you get what you pay for, with SEO and all else...tho there are sometimes pleasant surprises..)

Shaunn Marrss, a GSA SEO veteran, tested and results suggested Express Indexer works best, a while back...

Anyway, I will test out this service and see how it does.

There is this message:

Be awarned our Indexing service is that powerful that it can index up to 70%-80% of the links submitted within couple of minutes! If Your links contain a backlink to same website of Yours that quick discovery of backlinks may hurt Your website's rankings! Using a dripfeed is preferred!

Anyone can explain?? Thanks...


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited December 2019
    I DIDN'T drip-feed the links I send  to the indexer at T1 and the page moved DOWN one slot in the SERPs! :ohnoes:

    I am not going to fight what others have learned; I'll set T1 to drip-feed.

    But how many days? Is 7 OK?

    And a related Q: If SER creates ~100 links and drip feed is set for, let's say, 10 day, you'll get ~10 links per day.

    But if SER creates ~1000 links, and drip-feed is also set for 10 days, you'll get ~100 per day.

    So is there a minimum amount of daily links that need not be drip-fed. Is it based on the specifics of the site/page? I am guessing yes...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Very, very confused! This part is all new to me...although it shouldn't be....
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