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no articles from the scrapper

Hi there I am not getting any results from the content scrapper.

I got no idea what wrong.

here a simple result of just searching for car from the log....


  • SvenSven
    log looks ok to me....more interesting is the end of the log where it would start creating the articles.
  • edited December 2019

    What I understand is you got to leave the app to run to the end .

    so the app
    scrapes from keywords
    collects all the info
    then show you what it found from the scrape.

    I was going via the statistics on the app stats  and being very impeccant.

    I got everything going now every app you got LOL.

    SOLVED the issue  was me fully apologise.

    Thank you for your help....

    I am not getting much articles, what the best setup in your opinion.

    I am currently using a vpn paid service, to cut down on scrapping proxies seems to work but what your opinion. 

  • SvenSven
    You can click SKIP on the "show log" dialog if you think you got enough data and want to start creating the articles.

    Anyway, why you have so few articles is still unknown and I need to know details on your settings and what you call "not much" here.
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