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Single rotating proxy, search engines no scraping

I use one socks5 proxy which changes exit node each 15 seconds. It is rotating proxy
this is my settings

I set  custom time between search queries but seems it is ignored sometimes ?  
Maybe SER thinks  proxy is banned and stops scraping from search engines for some time?  It is rotating proxy though and i would like SER to be scraping constantly in such case.


  • SvenSven
    even if you set it to 1 it is should than set it to 15 as the exit node changes each 15 sec. So if SER makes a new request now each 15 sec. It's safe!
  • edited November 2019

    I also noticed and I am not sure if I make active change to running project for example adding or removing more website urls to promote while project is running SER  stops posting and I need to stop and start project again?
  • SvenSven
    changes are applied instantly.
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