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GSA SEO Indexer Doesn't Always Show Progress Bar & Submissions

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited November 2019 in Need Help
This software seems to get stuck sometimes.

1. I get (Not Responding) at times, but it always resolves.

2. More importantly, at other times, each URL to be indexed gets unchecked [X] to [ ] as the program goes down the list.

But when I view network activity, there is none.

3. At still  other times, the yellow progress bar doesn't update, and the indexer URLs sent do not scroll up BUT there IS network activity.

4. Sometimes the indexing begins fast, but slows down to a crawl.

5. The system "working" indicator where the cursor displays a spinning circle (on my set-up, anyway) sometimes just stis there and spins with no activity.

How can I resolve this? When it's happening, using even  a very small number of threads causes the issue.



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