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upgrades needed and vpn trick.

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First, the app is fantastic love it.

Thu updates are needed with my idea to make this no1 on the market.

Getting around not needing expensive proxies.

I have been testing ways to get all the info from scraping, I tried the built-in proxies but, info is left out due to lame public proxies going dead to quick...

what works 100% so far.

VPN cost around £45 a year...

I am turning off the proxy setting in the app and using a VPN, all I do is select any country from my VPN and use the app and bosh all info is shown on all columns, any time the proxy go dead just press refresh on my VPN for a new IP in that same country 100% works so far.

what needed badly.

SEO is based on other off-page factors and 1 most important is social website stats, unfortunately, the app has none yet.

we need social stats from each keyword from each website the app scraping, I no it a lot to ask but it true, we need the stats of social website name like Facebook and the view count, like count, comment count. this is needed from all social website connections.

what also missing.

The app currently has no stat info as a written number, 1 that is missing from many others is :
image count 
video count 

But also we need image name and image alt info it another seo needed info.

There is also no back link info, we just need the number of back links that each website scraped has got.

This is another seo stat needed to beat the comp.

What the app got but extended info is needed.
The app is currently using yellow and green and red boxes to show indexing strength of the possibility to get indexed or beat the website in question.

unfortunately it not enough, I think we should be able to place our mouse over the boxes and get the info needed for example.

title box.
we need the stats of how many times the main kw has been used in a written number from a popup method to keep it all clean.

h1 and h2 box
we need the stats of how many times the main kw has been used in a written number from a popup method to keep it all clean 

desc box
we need the stat count of the number of words used as it very important info for seo.

we also need the number of times the main keyword was used in written info,
from a popup method to keep it all clean 

We also need a link count of all links on 1 website , very important in seo, 
from a popup method to keep it all clean 

what else is needed .

we need a new button to get all the possible long tail keywords , but we need the same box info stats and added info i have said above .

i currently use a keyword app gives me over 15k long tail keywords we need this type of feature added but we need the cpc added for affiliate users as well .

This is my opinion this will make the app 100% SEO app in real life...


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    Bench mark sats

    Vpn line:
     PING ms
     DOWNLOAD Mbps
     UPLOAD Mbps

    kw found.

    Setting from the application

    kw search + seo info


    kw search

     ( quick 30 seconds done)

    Seo info from all 252 found kw
    (( even with very fast i9 pc and 32gb and 1tb ssd , 23% took 32 minutes, but this was scraping many search engines max from the application.  )).

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    vpn proof working 100%
    proof of my vpn concept, you can see every setting is filled.
    application works 100% perfect.

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    Good example why i suggest these updates.

    Here is a example of a possible keyword found from this app.

    There 3 yellow and 2 greens box's, this is the perfect keyword to go for but,
    i ant got no written info stats, so i got to do all the leg work via going to the page .

    that why my suggestion are here today.

  • SvenSven
    thanks for the feedback. Indeed I need to add way more stats for the competition and also statistics for social media.

    Thats all on my to-do list really.
  • Your the best programmer i no i preach your apps on blackhatworld , if anyone can do this you can.
    all the best john / redarrow
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