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Feature request: Skip contact forms with Re-captcha

Hi Sven,
I think an option to skip contact forms with re-captcha while identifying the url would be very useful. We have this option in GSA SER and it's very useful.



  • My suggestion is can choose the option like slow , media and fast sent for every new project
  • SvenSven
    1. check sites
    2. sort by status
    3. select the once with recaptcha in status
    4. delete
  • Yes , but that is not ideal at all for folks who do it fully automatically when fetching scraped urls from dropbox and let the tool submit to it using only captcha breaker. And when you have lots of servers running it becomes a real pain in the neck! , because you have to login to 5 servers or more at least twice daily to filter these urls manually.
  • SvenSven
    Well, if you have no recaptcha solver added or set it to only solve the easy captchas, then it's skipped anyway and not filled. You simply would ignore the items then.
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