How do you get a website to show as multiple grouped results in Google?

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I mean like this:

Search Results

Web Result with Site Links

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as opposed to just URL after URL, listed serially, not as one big listing like this.


  • If you find it out let us know too. Otherwise:

    You can't get them. Google decides what and to whom it shows them. If I had to guess it would be like: If a set number of people with similar profile with the same keyword search went to page1 then page1 is a valuable resource that will be showed as sitelink in the future.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "You can't get them. "

    haha I was going to revise this Q then said **** it!

    I wanted to change it to say: WHY does G... ...

    But I liked your response, so I'm happy I left it! :)

    What you say makes perfect sense....!

    Thanks, Gypsy!!~ :)
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