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Which captcha is this? (need a suggestion to play with solving)

Hello to the community,

I'm in need of playing to solve this captcha:

As I can notice, it's not an easy captcha for solving by CB's default settings. So I need you suggestion to direct me on the right way so I can invest time in solving this. Things like should I do some processing on the image first like cut off each letter and make a separate image and/or solve it by 'hash' and/or use filters etc. Any help is appreciated and to make it clear I'm not asking someone to solve it on behalf of me but I'm asking more experienced community users to share their opinion as to what are the proper steps to take when working with captcha like this!

Thanks a lot in advance!


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    doesn't look that hard at all.

    If you have a site that uses it or have like 20+ captchas with correct answers, I can add it quickly.
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