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Error the Application

When i'm start GSA SEO Indexer and Search Engine Ranker always show this notice..

i'm already send bug report but nothing have respond for my problem.

Anyone can solve my issues?

Note : I can't reinstall my software, because i'm lost license key, username & mail.

Best Answers

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Accepted Answer

    Try sending a private message to GSA!~

    I know Sven will get back to you as soon as it's possible.

    It's just about the start of a new day in Europe, so just wait and I'm sure he'll get back to you.

    I also know in the past Sven stated clearly that he preferred license issues to be discussed in private messages, rather than on the boards. :)

    Hope it all works out. I'm sure you can be helped with your license issues!

    So, don't stress!!!  :)

    BTW, your name will be on the upper left corner of the main program window! 

    GSA SEARCH Engine Ranker v14.15 Sandra Lori

  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    Accepted Answer
    Any particular reason you try to run the old version?
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