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About recaptcha setup and 2capcha

I want to use GSA Capcha Breaker, together with 2capcha for solving ReCapcha types.
Should I on GSA Capcha Breaker > Options >  Capcha Services, check: Send captcha to the following service if solving failed, then Add 2capcha there, and then add 2capcha service too on GSA Website Contact, or only on GSA Capcha Breaker, and run it in background?

Best Answer


  • SvenSven
    ALWAYS add captcha services directly to the program that wants to solve captcha directly.

    You should only add services to CB if the other application only offers you to use ONE service.

    The result in adding it directly to SER or Website Contact is a speed increase.
  • So if I add both captcha services (GSA Captcha Breaker and 2captcha) to GSA Website Contact, does GSA Capctha Breaker solve captchas first, than 2captcha other captchas like reCapcha, if solving failed with GSA Captcha Breaker?
  • OK, thank you!
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