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Problems with Finding keywords and search volume


When I try to scrape keywords online I write a custom keyword which I want my keywords to be related to and then it brings me a lot of keywords who are not relevant at all. Also when I look for search volume it says it has the problem with the value. I use public proxies.



  • SvenSven
    1. can you give details on what keyword was used and what provider gave irrelevant replies?
    2. When using public proxies with e.g. google search volume, it often comes to no result as google bans proxies very fast. Do you have the same problem when using bing?
  • When I add a keyword and then do the scraping it works. If I just insert a custom keyword it does not. It should be written somewhere. I looked for a manual. What does SEO score 96% means? and are the numbers found in thousands after the point (6.890.890) is 6 million or is it different? I think it should be more clear
  • SvenSven
    6.890.890 << thats of course 6+million, else you would not see two points here. It's for better readability.
    the custom keyword search was indeed a bug. I will fix it in next update sorry
    SEO Score: If you double click on it to review the competition to this keyword, you see the label at the bottom (green, yellow, red). Each field is changing the SEO Score. 100% means this is easy to own.
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